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For several years, I have been working on a series called “In Congruence” which evolved into another series, “Unity.” The artworks in “In Congruence” combine the styles and painting approaches of classical European still lifes of the 16th and 17th centuries and the floral, bird, and land and seascapes of the Tang and Song dynasties. “Unity” takes a more modern approach, preserving the classical style on the center plane, but with a more flowing, abstract outer frame.

By juxtaposing eastern and western images that reflect the traditional methods of masters from centuries past, my work attempts to unify and enhance the visual representation of the natural world in a new way. I seek to establish a harmonious coexistence between eastern and western art in my work, with different styles of images painted on different planes that work together as a unified work.

I use acrylic paints and crackle texture on specially constructed three-dimensional hardwood boxes that establish two separate planes, allowing me to juxtapose the styles of the east and west. The crackle medium on the outer plane creates a rustic and aged appearance. Occasionally I will add copper, silver, or gold leaf to add interesting textures to the surface. In the center plane, I focus on detailed and realistic still lifes, creating the illusion of real objects in a shadow box. To seal the work, I glaze the entire painting with a transparent varnish.

With consonance of color and composition, I create a harmonious congruence between subjects and styles. My approach to life and art explores connectedness and seeks expansion of our understanding of creation in various cultures.

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