Artist's Statement


For several years, I have been working on a series called In Congruence. This work combines images painted in classical European and Chinese styles. My main influences are Dutch and European still life painters of the 16th and 17th century, and landscape paintings of the Tang and Sun dynasties.

By juxtaposing eastern and western images that reflect the traditional methods of masters from centuries past, my work attempts to unify and enhance the visual representation of the natural world in a new way. I seek to establish a harmonious coexistence between eastern and western art in my work, with different style images painted on different planes which work together as a unified work.

I create congruence between the visual tension of these distinct images through the consonance of color and composition. People ask me, "What is the meaning (of this or that) in your painting?" I say that the life force of the natural world is found everywhere around us—from the river that flows through the mountain to the fruit on your table. My work seeks to capture this.

The flowers, fruits, and vegetables in my paintings (often disdained in modern art for being too domestic and too feminine) are intended to display the Sacred in the ordinary. The classical Chinese imagery, painted on the larger outer plane of my paintings, similarly intends to evoke a timeless, divine sense of nature.

Depending on the five primary senses, I am aware of the physical world as reality, and of its distinctions, classifications, and separations as the means of knowing and identifying. Through my art, I seek to know and convey the physical world without separation. The peaceful coexistence of different cultural sensibilities, artistic methods and
life experiences are inherently possible and desirable. My work attempts to evoke this unity.


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